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Let's talk about it together

Open up to me, I will listen to you and support you in overcoming your difficulties. I will dedicate time and space to you.

Let's go into detail

I am not a doctor, but I suffer from a psychiatric disorder

Well, we have a pathology, I'm not a doctor but I suffer from it. I cannot promise you that we will heal, because unfortunately it is not possible,

But I can share with you the ways I try to stay afloat.

If you don't know how to get through a bad moment...

write me

Read this content for free

Read or listen to podcasts.

they won't make you cured, but they will explain a lot of things to you and make you see the disease with different eyes.

Ti piace leggere?

Io lo trovo rilassante, svagante e apre la mente anche nei momenti in cui è totalmente chiusa. 

Leggi direttamente dal tuo smartphone, ovunque ti trovi.

Leggere aiuta a evadere

I personally free my mind by coloring

Sometimes the mind can be overloaded with information and thoughts.

Coloring is a wonderful activity to relax and clear your mind.

I hope these resources help you find some peace and relaxation through color! If you have any other questions or need additional suggestions, I'd be happy to hear from you.

Here are some resources that may interest you:



Color the anxiety away

Things I Want to Say at Work But Can't


GEOBISN Pantoni Markers

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